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SOLO LEVELING is the story about the weakest hunter “Sung Jin-woo”. He wants to become the strongest S-rank hunter. The series has started as an unpublished novel on February 14, 2014, and originally ended with the 14 volumes. Changing from the weakest Hunter to the strongest S-rank Hunter.


Artist(s):  GEE So-Lyung, JANG Sung-Lak
Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing (Scan), Ongoing (Publish)


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The Solo leveling manga, 10 years ago, the gate was connected with the real world and afterwards opened for the monster world. The ordinary people receive the power to hunt the monsters within the gate. They got the identification of the hunters. All the hunters are not powerful, Sung Jin-woo is considered an E rank hunter, and risk his life in the lowest rank dungeons.

He has no skills to display to others. I barely earned money by fighting with the low-level dungeons. Until he found the hidden dungeon with great difficulty to come in the list of D rank dungeon in solo leveling comic. In the End, I say, I was accepting the death and receive the strange power, the quest power, I could level, a secret to the i alone leveling up. I trained in accordance with my quests and my level had been increased and changing from the weakest hunter to the strongest hunter, Dungeon.

At least until I found a hidden dungeon with the hardest difficulty within the D-rank dungeons! In the end, as I was accepting death, I suddenly received a strange power, a quest log that only I could see, a secret to leveling up that only I know about! If I trained in accordance with my quests and hunted monsters, my level would rise in solo leveling manhwa. Changing from the weakest Hunter to the strongest S-rank Hunter!

What Makes Solo Leveling Manhwa So Trendy?

While taking the Solo leveling Review Sing Jin-woo is considered the weakest of all the hunters. Sing Jin-woo becomes a hunter, so that he can pay her mother medical bills, but worked as a hunter brings him at the edge of the death countless time. He even injured in the low-grade attack. He knew the reason, why he was needed and add up the required number for the raid.

The particular raid was changed his life, and take him to the rank of the Rank to the S Rank in solo leveling wiki action manga. The raid kept going more Goblins and orc monsters keep popping out. Jin is already injured by the low-level monsters. Mrs Ju Hee who healed him. The other hunters were going well in the hands of the Mr Song.

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After getting the hours of the raid, the position of the dragon becomes clear, they saw a new path that leads towards the secret dungeon. It is the discovery of a new quest. Most members of the group wanted to go in the new and unwanted level, the greed was increased more than fear of unknown. When they entered, they were faced with the obnoxiously huge statue monsters in the i alone level up manga. All were look and amazed about the scenery.

The Size of the statues in the manga of solo leveling kakaopage, especially the one that seemed to look like a king. Which was largest all of them? Most of the group members are not willing to go to a new and unknown level. The statues looked completely mundane and lifeless, it seemed that they are looking at the groups of the uncertain raiders. Suddenly, the atmosphere becomes chill.

Lying in front of them was a tablet which read “Carthenon Temple Commandments.”
“First worship the Lord
Second praise the lord
Third Prove your faith”

Those groups who do not follow the command will not go back alive.

Why You Should Read This Manhwa?

Solo leveling is comic and similar to the gamer. It is great in art and action is frantic. Solo living took place in Kenya. One of the company member, who makes his own thoughts and all the happening things were nonsense and approached towards the door before he could say something about it, the standing guards are moved with the unimaginable speed and took off his head, he was too much terrified with a sudden sight.

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Everyone was unaware of the fact that the huge statue behind them about to shoot with its laser light. JIN woo also had his eyes on the massive monster, saw this and yelled. The one ducked were either alive or served with the massive injuries.

The one who duck was either live or faced with the bad injuries. In the song of the Mr song Chi Yul, all the standing died. There are half of the raid members were dead. The three healers come for the raid. It could not head the injured people.

The two members were in a shock condition, and one person died because of the beam. The Mr.Song Chi YUL asked to retain everyone in solo leveling manga. Some of the members become panic and make best efforts to escape from the situation, but the huge statue took him in the instant leaving, nothing was left except limbs.

Jin-woo (Character of solo leveling comic) is suspicious, what was happening, why they were killed, how they could escape from the bizarre situation. Afterwards, he realised that the dungeon had its own rules, it is commandments. What is the first commandment was, jin woo took the position of stand and bowed towards the massive statue, who had already killed the comrades. Those people, who were alive to do the same practice. All the members did not have another option.

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Jin Woo stood up and bowed down to this huge statue in front of them all who had killed his comrades, telling those that were alive to do same, since they had no other options they all bowed down. The huge scary monster stopped the attacking and members feel some relaxation. The huge statue seems to sit stood up and start to walk towards him. The E- rank hunter looked to be weak.

The second rule was to praise the ruler. Some of them start to sing praises songs. But the way of the praising was wrong. They were squashed like a fly, Solo Leveling Anime, the situation of the panic and feat come again. They all started to run without a plan.

Solo Leveling with a Plan!

Solo Leveling Manhwa was making a plan to come out such a life and death situation.

Solo LevelingSome of the statues have the musical instruments and ask them to run towards the statues with the musical instruments.

The singing and instrument stopped the colossal statue’s attacks. Everything has been settled. A headcount was six out of the seventeen. A colossal statue waves his hand and alters appeared.

He was confused, what I have to do next. Jin-woo explained that an altar for a sacrifice used in the old mytholog in solo leveling season 2.

Ju Hee could not walk properly owing to exhaustion. So he (Mr Song Chi-yul) had to carry her, leaving Jin Woo behind. When they both left, the door close, and Mr Jin Woo was killed by the statue which stood guard.


Is Solo leveling going to be an anime?
After Very Successful Story of Solo Leveling Novel and Solo Leveling Manga. The Owner of this Manhwa Decides to Launch the Solo Leveling Anime in the Summer of 2021. You can Watch the Solo Leveling Streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Its so Trendy Manhwa, Readers will Terribly waiting for its every Chapter. That’s why Now you can also watch its anime.
Why is solo leveling so good?
Solo Leveling is Good in Every field. Like Most of This Likely thing is Its Art. Readers love the Art of Solo Leveling. Also You can not find any other Webtoon or Manhwa like Solo Leveling. Its Story is Totally different that makes Solo Leveling Manga very awesome.
Where to Read Solo Leveling Manga?
There are Thousands of Sites available where you can read solo leveling manga. But I will suggest you to read it from Its Ads-free site and Fastly loading template. You will never bore at this website.
Is Solo leveling on Netflix?
Currently, You’ll not seeing the solo leveling anime on Netflix. But when the New Season Comes, Neftlix will definitely Host the Season 2. This is Confirmed by Solo Leveling that the season 2 will be premiered this year 2021.
Who is the strongest character in solo leveling?
Jin-Woo Jin-Woo is BOOMING and the STRONGEST Actionable character in Solo-Leveling.
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